Testing Tools

Predicting accurately the performance of an employee increases your recruitment and selection quality and saves you time and money.

Brainspotting partnered with IBM Kenexa, a leading provider of assessment solutions at global level, to bring in Romania the most comprehensive battery of tests for selection and development. Using state-of-the art technology, the instruments improve the quality and timeline of the selection process.

How do you currently make sure you select the best available talent on the market? In order to predict performance on the job, you will need more than the candidate CV and an interview.

Our HR consultants help you assess the role needs and identify the best methods to evaluate you candidates so that you will only select the top talent on the market.


Behavioural & Personality Assessment

We deliver seven questionnaires that assess the personality of the candidates. You may use the questionnaires for general personality assessments or for customer service, branch manager and sales profiles.


Ability Assessment – Infinity Series

The online ability tests (verbal, numerical, logical and mechanical) fulfill the need to test large volumes of candidates early in the selection process and support a wide geographic reach with minimal costs.


Skills Assessment – Prove IT!

ProveIt! is the market leader in online skills assessment in the US and the UK. The platform consists in over 1,000 validated tests for a variety of job classifications such as Software, Engineering, Industrial, Call Centre, Healthcare, Clerical, Legal and Financial with multiple characteristics:

  • Over 1,000 up to date tests
  • Option to administer tests remotely
  • Optional timer
  • Multi-candidate set up
  • Test editing
  • Instant detailed score reports
  • Branded site to reflect your look and feel
  • Make Your Own Test module
  • 24/7 Technical Support


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