Talent Insights

Knowing the latest trends in talent availability, expectations and perceptions helps you build competitive strategies for your business.

Every year, we survey over 35,000 professionals and provide new or already established companies on the market with strong insights to build and refine their business and talent strategies.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need solid HR intelligence to understand the talent market you operate in. We help you through three annual surveys and several custom solutions.


Most Desired Employers Annual Survey

Every May, we publish the results of “The Most Desired Employer Survey®”, the only instrument on the market that assesses the expectations and perceptions of professionals and provides an objective ranking of the most desired employers on the Romanian market.

The survey helps you understand how your brand is seen by the target – what perceptions they have about your employer brand and how the brand delivers on their expectations. The insights help you build the most efficient communication strategy and in order to consolidate your employer brand. 


Talent Mapping

Talent mapping has become one of the strategic analysis for corporations wanting to stay ahead of the game – it provides you with a clear picture of current talent statuson the market and it allows for realistic workforce planning.

Whether you are an already established company in Romania or you plan to open operations, we can provide you with detailed market feasibility studies regarding the available talent, the potential to grow and the costs implied. We do this by analyzing over 120 business and HR variables especially for the IT, Telecom, BPO, Call center, Manufacturing, Automotive industries.


IT Compensation & Benefits Survey

How often have you found that your comp & ben data is not accurate? Or that you cannot find your niche positions in the normal comp & ben surveys?

We have a personalized methodology and a deep understanding of the technology industry such that we can provide you with data which is market realistic and helps you build differentiated packages.


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