IT&C Talent Map
Romania, 2015-2016

The IT&C Talent Map Report is our annual account of the talent market in Romania. We base it on insights we have from over 100 clients per year and 500 placements, as well as from surveying and networking with over 20,000 IT&C professionals.

The study has as main objective highlighting the hotspots of the IT&C industry and clarifies certain key-questions that both companies and employees have to answer before taking strategic decisions, vital for their future growth and development.

Key Content

  • Overview of the IT&C talent market
  • The most representative facts & figures in technology recruitment
  • The most important technological hubs in the country
  • Number of graduate per cities
  • Required / offered salaries & salary packages
  • Required foreign languages
  • Tips & tricks for employers & employees
  • Management of a recruitment process, etc.

Download the report today and stay tuned to the development of the IT&C talent market in Romania!

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